Rannan Teollisuuskone

Contracting workshop and assembly plant

Rannan Teollisuuskone Oy is comprised of two production units, which are located in Leppävesi and Vantaa.

Leppävesi contracting workshop

The workshop manufactures high-quality products for the wood processing, metal, food and graphic industries. Our core competences comprise semi-heavy and heavy welding and sheet metal fabrication and demanding CNC machining. Diversified subassemblies – the various parts of the whole – are integrated by way of our assembly and installation services, uncompromising passion to serve our customers and the extensive subcontractor network.

Vantaa assembly plant

The Vantaa unit is particularly focused on the assembly and final testing of mainly exported equipment. To ensure the quality of our work, we perform trial tests and logic tests for the assembled equipment. The strengths of our operations are the low organisational hierarchy structure, efficient materials flow management and short manufacturing lead times.

Our values and principles of operation

Customer satisfaction and quality

Customers’ satisfaction with our services and product quality is our highest priority. We have been praised by our customers for our flexible procedures, efficient production control and project management. Our activities are supported by the ISO 9001 quality system and the ISO 14001 environmental system. These systems form the basis of our customer oriented total services.

Reliable deliveries and customer project management

Our production control system is a multifaceted tool in efficient order management. The renewed methods for monitoring workload and production guarantee accurate progress of customer orders in our production process. The final product is delivered flexibly according to the customer’s requirements, straight to the customer’s process, if required. The confidence of both our customers and our employees achieved by way of openness and transparency takes us towards the ultimate goal: to work close to the customer as a partner carrying the total responsibility.

Environmental values

Our environmental targets apply to all organisational levels of the company and we expect our partners to follow the same environmental approach. In this way, we can offer our customers high-quality products that have minimum impact on the environment.



The company was established in 1984 when Antti Ranta, M.Sc. (Eng.) from Kitee, Finland, bought the old central workshop of the cooperative organisation SOK (Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta) located in Vaajakoski. Thus, Rannan Teollisuuskone became the first subsidiary of engineering workshop Konepaja Antti Ranta.


In March 1998, the company moved from Vaajakoski to its current premises situated in Leppävesi.

Towards the end of the same year, a partnership contract was closed with a leading cable machine manufacturer. With the contract, the company expanded its machine and equipment installation activities to Vantaa.


Site of Leppävesi was enlarged to 2 600 m².

Rannan Teollisuuskone is renowned as a reliable industrial equipment manufacturer and subcontractor. Equipment manufactured by the company has been delivered to all continents.


In summer 2013, Rannan Teollisuuskone acquired the business operations of Milston Oy. Marketing, sales, product development and manufacture of the Milston slurry separators were transferred to Rannan Teollisuuskone.


Starting of developing and testing of new Milston models


Starting of selling and marketing of new Milston models


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