Milston Hero


Milston HERO units are ideally suited for separation requiring substantial capacity, such as slurry contracting, for shared use in farms or for slurry separation on large livestock farms. The mobile units are delivered installed on the hook-lift platform. Milston separator units contain a hook-lift platform, conveyors, an aggregate, a hydraulic unit, a slurry feeding tank and a drain tank for the separated liquid and all necessary pumps, hoses and connectors. All the electrical and hydraulic components come pre-installed. A slurry pump crane is available as an option for all models. The hook-lift platform can be fitted ready for chassis.

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hero_2_2_2Hero 3
Basic data
Production material Painted steel and stainless steel. Aluminium protective plates
Number of screens 2 4 6
Equipment feed pump, unit for the feed pump, drain pump, conveyor 1.5 m, conveyor 4 m, conveyor 5 m, hoses 3×10 m + connectors, aggregate Hero units include all the necessary equipment!
Conveyor width 40 mm
Noise level 80 db
Capacity cow slurry up to 50 m3/h, pig slurry up to 75 m3/h cow slurry up to 100 m3/h, pig slurry up to 150 m3/h cow slurry up to 150 m3/h, pig slurry up to 225 m3/h
Power 35 kw 65 kw 95 kw
Power / fuel consumption 0.07 €/h 0.13 €/h 0.20 €/h